Adventurous Journeys Into Expanded Reality


This portal of experience will offer fascinating adventures that navigate the deep currents of the vast river of Existence. Irresistible in their attraction, profound in their magnitude, each of our stories will reveal insights into the great 'Game of Existence'.

The Television, Movie and Gaming industries have overloaded us with their delivery of intense, old paradigm Human dramas, and limited, familiar subject matter, including the prevalent dark scenarios.  

Which is interesting since the planet is basically ready for a much grander vision with content perspectives that match our transitioning society.  

One solution is to offer exceptional, high quality, adventurous entertainment that delivers an exciting look at expanded reality... multidimensional frames of reference that reveal the Era that this planet is fast approaching.   

Why not follow the journey of created beings from the beginning of their creation, through the soul's journey throughout the Universe, to the merging back again into Source - with their individualized aspects fully realized. Or feature the dynamic role that Earth plays for each of us as it provides the theater for extraordinary evolution.  And of course, there are 1000's of other storylines that would provide captivating subject matter for a fresh direction in entertainment.


We will begin our offerings by providing producers in the entertainment industry with a number of TV, Movie and Performance treatments and scenarios.  

These adventures will unfold on various platforms and in such a manner that each audience member can begin to envision an exceptional personal future, based on an understanding of the Cosmic Playing Field.

This higher vibrational content will also include games, which are to be designed to clear the windows of perception and give vision into life's more comprehensive and elevated options.

We have a MMORPG 'Master Universe' game in the conceptual stages that should fire up a vast, new network of neurons for the average Earth participant.

We will offer, through all of our media, enticing adventures that advance our perception and really provide deep and meaningful understanding and experience of our unbounded nature as Cosmic Humans.




Here is a summary of the some of our projects we feel

will produce an exciting future in the world of entertainment.






And we will offer a series of charts that will reference where we currently are, as an evolving race, on this magnificent planet in the galactic sea of possibilities. These charts will show how we fit into it all, and how to apply our remarkable potentials as we proceed on our daily life's journey. Then we will examine the various individual paths that are available to each of us, as they lead from planet Earth and onto the bigger playing field of the Universe. 


Here is one of many charts, all of which will be available in 5 K resolution.


More will be arriving as the phases of Space/Time merge into a condensed duration.

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