Enlivening Your Potential as a Cosmically Conscious Player in Creation


In this section you will be able to explore fresh perspectives regarding the vastness of Universal existence. With this frame of exterior reference, and while considering the concept that your consciousness holds the entire Universe within its nature, the Creation becomes a whole new ballgame for you to play in. 

These perspectives will assist you as a conscious human, to expertly accelerate your evolutionary journey into your full remembrance of your Universal nature and your powerful ability to create.

Every human carries within their potential the ability to comprehend and use the 'Master Keys of Creation', to explore the rich treasure of possibilities waiting to be utilized.


Detailed insights into these creation dynamics of the Cosmic Human will be offered here, in a special 'Creator's Manual', designed to provide you with practical technologies for enjoying your personal life as you express your creative desires in the world around you.  

The ability to expand your individual consciousness is an inherited gift found in everyone's Human/Divine DNA and will now easily unfold, simply by putting your focused attention on it. By doing so, nature's environment begins to offer you the means in which to unlock the masterpiece of wonderful and unique talents that you were blessed to share with the world.


Astrophysicists and Cosmologists

The exciting topics being considered among Astrophysicists and Cosmologists today would no doubt include a discussion on the 'nature and structure' of the Universe... and what might lie outside of our 3rd dimensional ability to perceive the extraordinary workings of the Cosmos. What is the true nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Exactly how does higher dimensional phenomena exist beyond our single 'octave' of planetary existence? 

And we might as well throw into the conversation the larger question, which asks: what really is the essence behind the Great Mystery of existence, and how does it relate to each of us?

The current religions that have developed on Planet Earth, (one planet of quintillions of planets positioned in our local universe) have certainly had their say in the matter.  And our scientists are eagerly inquiring into the towering questions of our age with great enthusiasm.  And in this inquiry to explore the depths of reality and to know the grand vision of how it all works, we should also consider the remarkable ancients of the Vedic tradition and their cognitions of vast understanding.

Yet after these chapters in the book of eternity are finally closed and we graduate from this 'ERA' of comprehension, life will no doubt hold up another carrot on the far side of a new doorway and continue to show us ever deeper waves of mystery.


Hence, a graduation from college to masters level... and then, traveling ever onward, to post doctoral work and beyond, into another reality all together, that is yet to be perceived. 

Zero Universal takes neither a scientific or religious approach to these fascinating questions of life and instead we choose to get a little wild and futuristic. In our considerations we approach it all from an unabashed, artistic and philosophically creative  perspective. And in the mix of 'possibility exploration', we sprinkle a nice dose of naturally expanded awareness, attempting to be unbound to any current ideological thinking and instead choosing to be moved by the deep, inner knowing of our hearts.

Initially, we will share with you some visuals that were created by the 'Most Excellent Creations' group at the Universe Works Studio. These artistic Charts of Cosmic Consideration portray the heaven's immeasurable playing fields that are subtly hidden away from our planetary perspective. Nevertheless, in the realms of higher Celestial activity, these are the vast and mystical 'recreational arenas' that provide the great game of Universal existence its endless space/time opportunities. 






A vision of possibilities for realizing your

highest promise, is arriving next year.

The Creator Manual 

The content of our forthcoming Creator Manual reveals great insights and helpful game plans that can be used to create a fabulous life on Planet Earth. Within the guidebook are recommendations and step by step formulas on how to effectively, yet easily create an awesome existence; a life that is filled with increasing happiness, fun and purpose, enthusiasm and vitality.

There is no ceiling to what can be accomplished when you are passionate about exploring your full potential. And this guide can certainly be transformational to your visit on planet Earth. 

The First Section examines our original Human Blueprint, the Source of our personal inception and continues with a deep exploration of the potentials that are woven into the Human Template.

The Second Section is loaded with very practical steps to re-create your daily life into one of your choosing. Once you are aware of your amazing promise, then you will quite possibly want to realize more of what it could be like, if you boldly and passionately went for it.

The Third Section examines the future possibilities that can be created by a Humanity that is directly experiencing Cosmic Consciousness.  This is the beginning to using the full Human Creation Capability. 

When available, this will be a loaded reference manual that will be finally available to assist the Human Race in the successful navigation of life on this extraordinary planet. This succinct and thorough collection of wisdom, vision and imagineering will offer a higher course of action for Humanity's journey into the extraordinary.  







Below you will find artistic envisionings regarding the vastness of the Universal Playground. The cosmos awaits in anticipation for the remarkable Earthlings to join in the conscious and joyful experience of eternal ascension. The centillions of beings strewn throughout the heavens are excited that the new Creator Humans will soon be among the graduated races who explore the vastness of Creation on their eternal Cosmic Journey. 

This immense opportunity, we feel, has been provided by the eternal Divine Progenitors, who are also quite enthused about all the possibilities strewn throughout the great realms of multidimensional existence.

Here are a few of the many charts in development, that will portray an expanded vision of the remarkable recreational fields of exploration that are available to us. As we become aware of how fantastic the cosmic structure is, it will become easy to allow our wonderment to free flow.  Exceptional times and all possibilities are fast approaching as we step onto our higher path, on the never ending journey through the magnificent cosmos. 

NOTE: Each of the charts below are available in massive 5K files, available soon from our store.






Much more content will arrive, as the illusion of time unfolds.



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