An Artistic Showcase For

Cosmic Art And Performance


On the Earth at this time, there are exceptional artists and performing talents, creating brilliant works of art that are infused with 'higher frequency' energy and vision. These are the expressions and performances that move our heart with a rich fulfillment and lift our soul, to soar high into our splendid nature.

We will feature these artists and their inspired expressions - in 2D, 3D, video, short movies and in exciting new performance vehicles.



We will consider a few co-creations with those who are bringing into artistic manifestation, the purest, divine expressions of multidimensional reality, that naturally activates human expansion of consciousness.

In time, we will sponsor global 'virtual creation collaborations', integrating visual art, cosmic concert platforms and virtual music composition and performance.



Here's a glimpse of our

planned activities for this portal. 



The Universe of Gary Tonge



The Universe of Jeff Haworth

The Universe of Jean-Luc Bozzoli


The Universe of 'Most Excel-Lent Creations'


The Universe of Erial Ali


And that is just a brief glimpse of our planned showcase for 2-D art.  Also planned will be 3-D features and video and performance art that specializes in uplifting visions for the future of Earth.  

An additional special section will feature a series of deep and profound "Stories from the Cosmic Perspective". These will be woven into multi media presentations that will poignantly reveal the extensive history of the formulation of the Human Race and the possibilities of future realization.   





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